Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Report From State Street 29 Community Potluck Mon, 04/26/2010

(This is written by an attendee and does not reflect the opinions or positions of those who were arrested on April 8th.)

On Friday, April 23rd, over two hundred people attended a communal potluck at the “Free Wall”. Hotdogs and hamburgers were grilled on three barbecues. A table with chips, soda, fruit, vegetables and cake was placed in the alley, along with a table holding literature about the negative role the police play in our society and possible alternatives to their violence. The event lasted for three hours, ending just as the rain started. For those three hours, the alley was packed with people. The purpose of this event was not to collect money as much as it was about bringing those who dislike the police together.


While the sanctioned vendors were setting up for Artswalk, this unsanctioned gathering brought together much of the street community. The ages of those in attendance ranged from 13 to 60. Many of those who were arrested on April 8th during the march against police brutality also attended. Anyone curious about what happened during the march was free to talk to the people who were actually involved, this time without masks on their faces.

The event brought together people in opposition to the police and in celebration of a healthy, robust community of defiance. Those arrested on April 8th were able to see the amount of support they had on the streets of Olympia. Those who are harassed, beaten, jailed and ticketed every day were also able to see the amount of support they have on those same streets.

The event was a complete success. An anonymous antagonist reported the gathering to the Thurston County food inspectors who attempted to fine the attendees. Luckily, all the guidelines had been followed and the authorities were unable to sour the positive energy of the potluck. Although this event was heavily advertised, most of the State Street 29's detractors did not come to the event, preferring to rely on the lies of The Olympian and the police rather than talk to their fellow community member face to face.

We would like to thank everyone who contributed to the event and encourage others to ignore police propaganda and support those who resist police violence.


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