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Video: Richard Brown: The SF8 and FBI Repression

Feb. 3, 2011 Angola 3 News

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In this video, Richard Brown, of the San Francisco Eight, speaks at a
protest outside the US Federal Court Building in San Francisco on January
25, 2011. Brown urges the public to support the 23 anti-war activists that
were subpoenaed to testify before a Grand Jury that day. All activists
refused to testify and can now be criminally charged for not testifying.
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Richard Brown contextualizes the recent subpoenas with how the SF8 were
similarly called before a Grand Jury, and were imprisoned because they
refused to testify. Cisco Torres, the last of the SF8 still facing
charges, has a court hearing in San Francisco on March 2 that supporters
are being urged to attend. Learn more at:

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