Thursday, February 17, 2011

Jericho Amnesty Movement meeting Sat 2-19 at 5 PM at SCL

The next meeting of the Jericho Amnesty Movement, Los Angeles
chapter, will take place Saturday, February 19 at 5 PM at the
Southern CA Library for Social Studies and Research, 6120 S. Vermont
Ave. in Los Angeles (between Slauson and Gage). Earlier in the day,
the film COINTELPRO 101 will be showing at the Pan African Film
Festival (1:45 PM, Culver Plaza Theater).

Topics on the agenda include the Jericho petition campaign (on-line
and on paper) for new COINTELPRO hearings and release of the
political prisoners; a focus on CA political prisoners such as
Comrade Nur of the LA 2 and General T.A.C.O. of the Black Rider 3
(Nur has been returned to state prison after having been attacked by
undercovers outside the Mehserle trial for the murder of Oscar Grant;
T.A.C.O. is still locked to a 21st Century slave shackle -- a GPS
ankle bracelet that monitors and restricts his movements).

We will also discuss national Jericho plans for Peoples' Tribunals on
Human Rights and Political Prisoners in the US as part of a May 13-15
Peoples Justice Conference, as well as the LA Jericho proposal
presented by the Black Riders Liberation Party for a national Jericho
march on Washington DC late this year. There will also be an
opportunity to write to the political prisoners.

Bring your positive energy and unity and build this important
component of the peoples' struggle.

There are two meetings earlier in the day at SCL:

The next planning meeting for the LA Housing and Hunger Crisis
Conference will take place Saturday Feb. 19 at 10 AM until noon at
the Southern California Library for Social Studies and Research, 6120
S. Vermont Ave., Los Angeles. The conference is bringing together
people at a grassroots level experiencing the ills of gentrification,
foreclosures, evictions, privatization of public housing, as well as
those struggling for human rights and food and water sovereignty.
Participants include GrassrootsKPFK, Union de Vecinos, Black Riders
and Brown Riders Liberation Party, Venice Justice Committee, the
Coffee Party, the MLK Coalition for Jobs, Justice and Peace, tenants
rights organizers from Lincoln Heights, and many others. The
conference is planned for early April at LA Trade Tech College and
will feature opportunities for people to learn about each others'
struggles, as well as concrete skills sharing and a cultural
component. For more information call 310-495-0299 or check with or There is a googlegroup
set up at

A planning meeting for a Peoples' Justice Conference in Los Angeles,
focused on issues of police abuse/racial profiling, political
prisoners/political repression, the prison industrial complex/mass
incarceration, juvenile justice and opposition to the death penalty
will take place on Saturday, February 19 from 12 noon-2:00 PM at the
Southern California Library for Social Studies and Research, 6120 S.
Vermont Avenue, Los Angeles. The conference, incorporating efforts
initiated simultaneously by the GrassrootsKPFK coalition, the LA
Coalition for Justice for Oscar Grant, the Justice Working Group of
the MLK Coalition for Jobs, Justice and Peace, and the LA chapter of
the Jericho Amnesty Movement to free political prisoners, is designed
to bring together people getting hit by and dealing with all the
different aspects of the so-called "criminal justice" system -- the
cops, the courts, the prisons, jails and juvenile halls, and various
forms of political repression and counter-insurgency by the state,
such as COINTELPRO, grand jury witch-hunts, immigration raids,
checkpoints and detention, etc. It is designed a working conference
building unity among grassroots forces facing and dealing with these
issues, aimed at developing solidarity and effective fight back and
organizing strategies. We want to look at issues like medical
mistreatment inside the prisons, isolation as torture in jails and
prisons, "ban the box" and other reintegration strategies for
ex-convicts, and abolition of the death penalty and the
prison-industrial complex. We want to build practical connections
between people trying to end the schools-to-jail pipeline and the
criminalization of youth with those resisting racial profiling and
police killings and those struggling to free political prisoners. We
invite the involvement of all dealing with these various aspects of
the system. For more information, call 310-890-7104. A list serve has
been set up at

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