Monday, February 21, 2011

LA conference on Peoples Justice - police, prisons, political prisoners, repression

For folks in the L.A. area, we are planning a Peoples Justice
conference for people facing police terror, political repression,
incarceration and its aftermath; to unite opponents of police abuse,
judicial corruption, political internment and detention, the death
penalty, mandatory minimums, etc. The conference is scheduled for the
weekend of May 14, weekly planning meetings take place Saturdays at
noon at the Southern California Library for Social Studies and
Research, 6120 S. Vermont. Participants include the Jericho Amnesty
Movement, the LA Coalition for Justice for Oscar Grant,
GrassrootsKPFK, the Justice Working Group of the MLK Coalition for
Jobs, Justice and Peace, the Black Riders and others. For more
information, contact or call 310-495-0299.

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