Saturday, February 19, 2011

Call out for West Coast Days of Action Feb 26th and 27th Against Police and the Prison World They Maintain

Puget Sound Anarchists Feb. 16, 2011

No charges will be brought against Officer Ian Birk for the execution of
John T. Williams. Is anyone surprised? Is this the call for justice so
many police-apologists desire? It's been nearly six months since the
murder of John T. Since then footage of SPD brutalizing people have been
leaked to the public, and just over a week since officers attacked
anti-police demonstrators in their Seattle home.

In the early morning of Sun Feb. 6th the police approached a person
vaguely matching the description of a suspect in a burglary on a nearby
porch. After being asked for their badge numbers and denied entry to the
house the pigs snuck in through an open window and attacked six people,
arresting three and charging them with assault on an officer. One pig
exclaimed “I'm going to Ian Birk your ass motherfucker” to one individual
as he was handcuffed and beaten. Though the house didn't seem to be
targeted due to knowledge of anti-police demonstrators residing there,
once it was understood that these people weren't going to take shit from
the authority the pigs escalated with violence.

That same night a group of 40 supporters gathered outside the jail and
held a noise demo show solidarity with their comrades and other prisoners.
Bells, horns, whistles, pots and pans all rattled through the empty
streets and into the jail. A surveillance camera was destroyed and a grate
from the guards parking lot was ripped down. The chant “A.C.A.B.- All Cops
Are Bastards!” caught on inside on multiple levels. We could see lights
flicker and arms wave through windows .The prisoners heard us and
understood why we were there. Our friends were released on Tuesday, with
no charges sticking.

The old adage “an injury to one is an injury to all” rings true in the
face of our common enemy: the State and Capitalism, whose police and
prisons maintain the depravity and isolation of a world reduced to
commodities and appearances.

This call out for Specifically West Coast solidarity is not meant to
exclude any regions from acting (in fact we encourage it!) but to reaffirm
networks of affinity that already exist. To realize our strength as a
collective force, and the feelings of joy that spread through moments of
solidarity and revolt in the face of a common enemy. It is our actions
together that bind us.

Against the police and the Prison World they maintain!

Solidarity with all imprisoned comrades, and those still resisting!

To John Graham, Leonard Peltier, Scott Demuth, G20 Arrestees, Asheville
11, Imprisoned Chilean comrades.

Solidarity with all prisoners!
Destroy what destroys you!

Below is a list of recent anti-police activity in Seattle, from most to
least recent.

Feb. 12th – Another October 22nd Coalition (O22) rally, this time with a
heavy anarchist presence.

Feb. 6th - Noise Demo outside Seattle Jail for arrested comrades

Feb. 3rd - Police accountability forum hosted by Seattle's “alternative”
newspaper The Stranger was interrupted by individuals in the crowd
shouting down the police and groups of protesters chanting “Cops, Pigs,
Murderers!”, inside and outside the building.

Jan. 20th - A march organized by the Oct 22nd coalition (front group for
the RCP parasites ) that resulted in a group of youth holding an
intersection during an unpermitted march.

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