Thursday, February 17, 2011

Political Prisoner & Prisoner of War Letter-writing brunches at the Brooklyn Free School

Sunday, February 20 · 12:00pm - 3:00pm

Brooklyn Free School

372 Clinton Ave
Brooklyn, NY

Created By
Laia Aseio Odo

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

The newly-formed South Brooklyn chapter of the continental Anarchist Black Brooklyn
ABCF, is proud to announce we'll be hosting regular Political Prisoner & Prisoner
of War Letter-writing brunches at the Brooklyn Free School!

We're doing this in solidarity and tribute to the bi-monthly NYC ABCF
Political-Prisoner Letter-Writing Dinner running for the past four years
and counting-- also with a salute to the letter-writing crew operating out
of the Morales-Shakur Center in Harlem.

No experience corresponding with prisoners is necessary! We'll
briefly discuss a few prisoners to help inspire and prepare each other to
write a letter, whether it's a first-time introduction or part of a
long-term correspondence between comrades.*

Brunch and letter-writing materials will be provided, but anyone who is
so moved is welcome to bring additional vegan or vegetarian food. That
said, food-bringing is STRICTLY OPTIONAL. We aim to create an inclusive,
welcoming space for building community and resistance. This event is open
to all ages and there will be basic drawing and card-making supplies
available for children.

*We'll generally focus on long-term, class-struggle, anti-imperialist
Prisoners of War & Political Prisoners while making connections with other
prisoners as well. Briefly, Political Prisoners and Prisoners of War
(PP/POWs) are, "those persons incarcerated as a result of political
beliefs or actions consciously undertaken and intended to resist
exploitation and oppression, and/or hasten the implementation of an
egalitarian, sustainable, ethical, classless society, predicated on self
determination and maximization of all people's freedom" (Bill Dunne). Our
chapter of the ABC Federation also shares affinity with prisoners from the
LGBTQ community and those imprisoned for acts of self-defense.

The program (with addresses in case you need to write from home):

CCR Lower A5
Louisiana State Prison
Angola, LA 70712

Birthday: February 19, 1947
"Angola 3" Black Liberation prisoner suffering repression for organizing
in prison.

PO Box 1000
Lewisburg, PA 17837
USP Lewisburg

Birthday: February 26, 1967
Also called "Oso Blanco" or "Yona Unega," this Cherokee warrior is in
prison for expropriations carried out in support of the EZLN/
Zapatista Army operating out of Chiapas, Mexico.

We'll also be sending a card to "New York 3" Black Liberation Army
Prisoner of War, Jalil Muntaqim, as he was recently transferred to
Attica, and one to Scott Demuth who just went into custody.

South Brooklyn ABCF
PO Box 132
Brooklyn, NY 11218
sbrooklynabcf [at] riseup [dot] net

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Prison Inmate said...

But today we are not going to write about survival within capitalism