Friday, February 04, 2011

Asheville 11 January 24 Court Update

Feb. 2, 2011 Asheville 11 Defense

January 24 Court Update 2.1.11

On Monday January 24 the eleven had yet another court appearance; which
resulted in yet another continuance. The vagueness of the process left us
somewhat in the dark as to the nature of this last court date. Was it
going to be trial? Another continuance? It wasn’t until the day or two
before that defendants learned that for some of them this would not to be
their day in court. Not everyone was required to appear, though some did
out of interest to disallow these proceedings to go on out wihout their
watchful gaze. Others simply felt the need to sit by others who needed to
be there.

The outcome of that day was a yet another trial date. April 11, 2011,
almost a full year since their arrest, is set as trial for the eleven
people arrested on May 1, 2010. It is unlikely that all eleven will go to
trial that day, but at this point it seems that some will. This will be a
huge trial for the region, and those wishing to attend are encouraged and
welcomed. Keep in mind that this will be a chaotic time for those facing
these charges and those closest to them. This should not discourage anyone
from making the trip here, it is just something to keep in mind for a
community lacking resources in the wake of such repression.

With that said, we hope to see you all there. And thank you for your
continued support!

The AVL11 Support Crew

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