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Dont Delay! Reserve Today! Ninth Annual International Al-Awda Convention April 29

Don't Delay! Reserve Today!
A Significant Event at a Critical Time in Arab History

Onward, United and Stronger. Until Return!
Ninth Annual International Al-Awda Convention
The Embassy Suite Hotel, Anaheim South
11767 Harbor Boulevard
Garden Grove, California 92840
April 29, 30, 2011

At a time when the people of the Arab world have taken to the streets to initiate
major and momentous political changes after decades of brutal control by dictatorial
regimes, we the Palestinians are faced with similar challenges standing up to one of
the most brutal occupations in modern history. The recent revelations of betrayal
and attempt to liquidate the right to return by elements of an unelected and
unrepresentative puppet leadership, requires once again for our people to take
control of our own destiny. We need to develop strategy and tactics to join our
Egyptian, Tunisian and other Arab comrades as our struggle to return is raised to a
higher level. We must also begin to think beyond return. As the call for freedom in
the Arab world has evolved, the Zionist occupier has intensified its bombing of the
Gaza Strip, land confiscations and home demolitions in the West Bank and elsewhere
in Palestine. The repression by the Zionist puppets becomes more desperate, trying
to hang on to our lands and lives. The purpose of our annual convention is to
summarize and evaluate our work since the previous convention.

Al-Awda's Ninth Annual International Convention comes in the midst of these
challenges. We call on all Palestinians regardless of organizational affiliation to
join Al-Awda's members and supporters at this year's convention. We will address and
collectively take steps toward changing our destiny as a people while we reaffirm
our determination to return to our homes and lands. We can no longer stay silent
while an un-elected, illegitimate leadership beholden to its U.S. and occupation
masters is cravenly giving up on our rights.

To address these critical issues that our cause is facing, planning discussions that
will merge brain storming ideas, strategy, tactics with action items will include:

The Palestine Papers and the Arab people's uprising; Impact on the Palestinian
struggle and future organizing. Round-table and panel discussion with key speakers.

Workshops discussions will also include:
a.. Boycotts & Divestment
b.. Refugee Support
c.. Cultural Resistance Through Various Forms of Art
d.. Palestinian Children's Rights Campaign
Several young activists from the refugee camps will be taking part this year in
hands-on workshops

Among the speakers at this year's convention are:
a.. Dr. Salman Abu Sitta, General Coordinator Palestinian Right of Return
Congress, Founding President of the Palestine Land Society
b.. Abbas Al-Nouri, Syrian Arab actor of "Bab el-h7ara" fame, political activist
c.. Diana Buttu, Palestinian lawyer, former legal advisor to Palestinian
negotiating team
d.. Lubna Masarwa, Palestinian activist survivor of Mavi Marmara massacre
e.. Laila Al-Arian, Palestinian author, writer and producer with Al-Jazeera
English, one of the producers of the Palestine Papers
f.. Dr. Jamal Nassar, Specialist in Middle East politics and Dean of the College
of Social and Behavioral Sciences at CSUSB
g.. Rim Banna, Palestinian singer & activist
h.. Najat El-Khairy, Palestinian embroidery artist
i.. Remi Kanazi, Palestinian spoken word artist & activist
j.. Youth from Palestinian refugee camps
Plus ...

Cultural presentations, book signing events, solidarity items, network with friends
and fellow activists. Lunch presentation & evening banquet with live music!
(Baby-sitting available for entire convention)

Join us! Make a difference by volunteering & donating!


Discounts available for dues paying members for all events.
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Media: Special arrangements available for media reporters who will cover the
convention including interviews with guest speakers and panelists and organizers. If
you are with the media, please contact us at

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PO Box 131352
Carlsbad, CA 92013, USA
Tel: 760-918-9441
Fax: 760-918-9442

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tax-exempt educational and charitable 501(c)(3) organization as defined by the
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