Friday, February 04, 2011

Call Out for Submissions for Fire to the Prisons #11

We are currently beginning to compile issue 11 of Fire to the Prisons
magazine. If you are not familiar with this project you can check out
previous issues of the magazine for free on our web
We are distributed all over the world, primarily for free. You can find us
not only in independent or alternative bookstores, but inside prisons,
homeless shelters, social/youth centers, squats, speakeasies, proletarian
delis/liquor stores, and more.

Some of our commitments as an insurrectionary periodical are:

- To provide up to date anarchist analysis and reports on events
happening today that each share a unique potential for expanding into larger
cases of revolt.
- To help prevent different instances of repression by the state from
becoming isolated or forgotten. Additionally, we wish to help strengthen
feelings of solidarity between those in struggle.
- To remain accessible and influential outside political or academic
- To be a source of agitation that works to comfort and unify feelings of
discontent with domination.

Some ideas for the sort of articles we are looking for:
Reports of new or continued repression

- Whether it be domestic or international, we are looking for instances
of individuals or communities undergoing state harassment or imprisonment
for challenging different forms of domination. Original articles providing
the most up to date and extensive information on cases like these
(especially if authored by the individual or group overcoming such
repression, or the group designated to represent them) are the most
desirable, but also sending links or clips regarding cases of repression you
feel would be appropriate in FTTP magazine would also be helpful. We can't
report on every case that we are informed of, but we will absolutely try. It
is important to note that while we may support some of those we don't get to
report on, we try to reserve our pages for those engaged in subversive
practices that most conventional media would choose to demonize or ignore.
That said, we don't need any updates on Julian Assange.

Accounts of everyday conflict with domination

- Prison riots/escapes
- School riots/walk outs (K-12 and universities)
- Attacks on all types of authorities (workplace conflict, petty
sabotage, etc.)
- Subversive actions conducted in solidarity with broader struggles
- Riots that target authoritarian institutions both formally or
- instances of repression by the state (police harassment/brutality being
one example)


- Photography/images related to the things already discussed.

Specific things we plan on covering next issue

- The recent insurrections across the Middle East (including ongoing
- Student strikes/riots in Britain
- Attacks on immigrants in the U.S/
- a growing neo-conservative movement in the US
- Random violence recently sweeping American television (Arizona,
Detroit, etc.)
- The unique situation of American apathy/complacency

Send your submissions to:
firetotheprisons (at) gmail (dot) com

Again, if you are not familiar with this publication, you can read it for
free on our website at:

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