Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Scott DeMuth's Sentencing on Monday, Feb. 14th

Scott DeMuth to be Sentenced to Six Months for 2006 Animal Liberation Action
Help Us Pack the Courtroom in Davenport, IA on Feb. 14th!

After having been postponed several times, every indication from the
court suggests that Scott's sentencing will actually take place on
Monday, February 14th at 1:30pm at the federal courthouse in Davenport, IA.

As you remember, Scott accepted a non-cooperating plea agreement on
Monday, September 13, 2010 to one count of misdemeanor conspiracy to
commit animal enterprise terrorism under the Animal Enterprise
Protection Act for his role in the April 29, 2006 ALF raid on
Lakeside Ferrets, Inc., in Howard Lake, Minnesota. The plea was to a
lesser included charge of the second superseding indictment, which was
for a felony charge.

The postponements in his sentencing have put him, his family, his loved
ones and his supporters through quite a bit of turmoil, as everyone has
been unsure of when he will have to serve his time. The scheduling
problems and other pre-sentencing hassles have also led to Scott not
being able to know important details about his sentence, such as where
he will be incarcerated, until the morning of his sentencing.

The government's clear lack of concern for Scott's well-being makes our
support and solidarity more important than ever. We hope you'll be able
to join us in the courtroom to support Scott in this difficult time.

* When: Monday, February 14, 1:30pm
* Where: Federal Courthouse, 131 E. Fourth St., Davenport, IA

A picture ID is required to enter the courthouse, and cell phones are
not permitted. Appropriate dress would be greatly appreciated.

In solidarity,

the Scott and Carrie Support Committee (SCSC)

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