Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Message from Jaan Laaman on Running Down the Walls

Hey comrades - I wanted to send a somber salute out on this Nagasaki 
day, as new Asian wars rage on, even as our thoughts were on
Jonathan, Lolita and Marilyn. I wanted to let folk know that here 51
men ran and some walked in about 100 degree desert sun heat. We
gathered in the beginning and had some words on Lolita and Marilyn,
dedicated the run to them, then heard the pre-run statement and took
off as one. It was a very positive sight. Most everyone ran the full
5k - a small number walked a few laps and ran the rest and a few old
timers walked it all. Afterwards we all had a cold soda and discussed
our successful effort. We knew you all and many others were doing the
same and I hope all of us felt the solidarity of the links in the
rdtw chain, from coast to coast and north and south. Certainly the
Spirit of Lolita and Marilyn were strong in my heart and lungs that
day and by what i've heard so far, we had a positive rdtw here in
2010! jaan -- ... A revolution now cannot be confined to the place or
people where it may commence, but flashes with lightning speed from
heart to heart, from land to land, til it has traversed the globe ...
--Frederick Douglass Free All Political Prisoners!
nycjericho@gmail.com • www.jerichony.org

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