Friday, August 27, 2010

David Japenga Convicted, Jailed Pending Sentencing

Anarchist News Thu, Aug 26, 2010

It is with heavy hearts that we regretfully inform you that on August 25th
a jury returned a guilty verdict for each of five counts against our
friend David Japenga. Citing him as a high flight risk and a danger to the
community, his bail was revoked and he was taken into custody pending his
formal sentencing, which was scheduled for November 23rd. David's lawyer
filed a Petition for Bond the same day and we are awaiting a hearing on
the motion. In the meantime, David can receive mail sent to:

David Japenga 153760
950 Second Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15219
[community <> windows?]

He can receive money orders with his DOC number written on them to his ACJ
address. Otherwise ABC Pittsburgh will be collecting donations for his
commissary. They can be mailed to:
ABC Pittsburgh
PO Box 9272
Pittsburgh, PA

Or email abcpittsburgh(a) to arrange a pickup.

Later that night, approximately 30 of David's friends and supporters held
a demonstration for him outside of the Allegheny County Jail where he was
housed. For about a half an hour, they chanted "David Japenga" and "Fuck
the police" while banging on metal guardrails with rocks, lighting road
flares and smoke bombs, and playing music over a boombox. Inmates flicked
their lightswitches and banged on their windows in response.

David Japenga was arrested during a riot in Pittsburgh on the first night
of the G20 summit in Pittsburgh, PA. He was ultimately charged with three
counts of criminal mischief (one of which was a felony), one count of
posessing an instrument of crime and one count of false identification to
a police officer.

Court notes will be published shortly. For more information about
supporting Dave, email abcpittsburgh(a)

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