Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Chicago-Prisoner Solidarity Demonstration 8/10

Anarchist News July 30, 2010

This is a call out for a prisoner solidarity demonstration in Chicago at the US Prison Bureau on August 10th, 'International Prisoner Justice Day.'

Join as 3pm at the US Prison Bureau at 71 W Van Buren St. Chicago, IL 60605 to express out pure hatred for the prison apparatus. (We will meet at the corner of Clark and Van Buren at 2:30pm and walk over at 3pm). We recognize the strictly symbolic value of such an action. We wish first and foremost to communicate solidarity with those locked inside. Secondly we would like to demonstrate solidarity with those advancing struggle in Ontario and everywhere. We do not wish to make any demands. We seek nothing less than the total destruction of every prison and the worlds that need them.

For the destruction of all prisons and the freedom of all prisoners!

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