Saturday, August 28, 2010

1st Annual Black August Independent Film Festival

"Where we live and work, we must Not only escalate discussion and study Groups, we
must also organize on the ground level. The landlords must be contested through rent
strikes and rather than develop strategies to pay the rent, we should develop
strategies to take the buildings. We must not only recognize the squatters movement
for what it is, but support and embrace it. Set up communes in abandoned buildings,
sell scrap cars and aluminum cans. Turn vacant lots into gardens. When our children
grow out of clothes, we should have places where we can take them, clearly marked
anarchist clothing exchanges and have no bones about looking for clothing there
first. And of course we should relearn how to preserve food; we must learn
construction and ways to take back our lives, help each other move and stay in
~Kuwasi Balagoon
THE MALCOM X GRASSROOTS MOVEMENT presents the 1st Annual Black August Independent
Film Festival at the National Black Theatre in Harlem, NY:

The 1st annual Black August Independent Film Festival highlighting OUR resistance to
OUR oppression. ON August 28th from 1pm-10pm as a way to continue to commemorate the
month of Black August as a month to commemorate OUR resistance to oppression, the
Malcolm X Grassroots Movement will be hosting a one day-film festival highlighting
films that showcase OUR resistance to Our oppression. We hope you can join us at the
National Black Theater 2031 5th avenue (between 125th and 126th Street) for this day
of films and discussions highlighting OUR resistance to our oppression. The entry
fee is only 10 dollars and all proceeds raised go towards our political prisoners
and freedom fighters in the United States.

National Black Theatre

Film times:

1pm Introduction
1:30pm-1:40pm I Am Sean bell
1:40pm-2:40pm Operation Small Axe
2:50pm-3:20pm Panel on Organizing against Police Brutality:
On Panel: JR Valery POCC, (Director of Operation Small Axe),
Stacey Muhammad (Director of I am Sean bell)
Lalit Clarkson (Malcolm X Grassroots Movement)
3:35pm-4:00pm Sping break in Haiti
4:00pm-4:30pm Panel on concrete ways to support Haiti

On Panel: Jesus LUC (Director of Spring Break in Haiti)
Natalie Pierre (Malcolm X Grassroots Movement)
Dr. Kwame Easterling (Malcolm X Grassroots Movement)
JR Valery (POCC)
4:30pm-5:15pm Dinner/Lunch
5:15pm Introduction for second half
5:30pm-6:50 Slingshot Hip-hop
7:00pm-8:30pm Ni Wakati
8:30pm-9:15pm Panel on International Resistance thru Hip-hop

On Panel: Nancy Mansour (Existance is Resistance)
Michaeal Wanguhu (Director of Ni Wakati)

The 2 Videos below is a piece of what you will see at the Film Festival:

I Am Sean Bell

Operation Small Axe

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