Tuesday, August 24, 2010

CSO Sacco y Vanzetti in Chile raided and shut down

Anarchist News Tue, 2010-08-17

From Hommodolars

Early in the morning of Saturday, August 14, in Santiago, agents of the
Chilean state raided the self-organized social center Jonny Cariqueo and
the squatted social center and library Sacco and Vanzetti, shutting down
the latter. Several homes were also raided, and 14 comrades taken into
custody, with charges of illicit association and placing bombs.

The raid is the work of the new State's Attorney Alejandro Peña, who
claims to be going after a terrorist anarchist organization, which he has
largely invented with the complicity of various judges. Under his watch,
international solidarity has become "terrorist financing" and anarchist
libraries have become safe houses or centers of power.
[Each book a bomb waiting to go off in someones head]

For some time now, the Chilean state has presented the anarchists as
public enemy number one. These arrests and all the fear-mongering carried
out by the media, as always complicit with Capital, is meant to distract
people from the plight of the 33 miners and their families, and from the
Mapuche prisoners on hunger strike in struggle for their lands and

The State/Capital wants to cover up its inability to catch anyone for the
over 100 bombs that have been placed throughout Santiago against targets
of the powerful, as part of the ongoing social war in Chile.

The day before, on August 13, agents of the State disarmed a bomb set to
go off at an elite restaurant in Santiago. The communique claiming
responsibility for the bomb stated that members of the institutions of the
powerful should no longer feel safe, as they carry out massive violence
and repression against all those who struggle.

The social center Jonny Cariqueo calls for solidarity and says it will
struggle to remain open and mobilize and agitate in the struggle against
State and Capital, and in particular against the Anti-Terror Law.

Excerpted, translated, and paraphrased by porlos from an article on
hommodolars http://www.hommodolars.org/web/spip.php?article3395

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