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Jerome White-Bey Update

From: "Twitch Entropy"
Date: Wed, March 31, 2010

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Greetings Genea and others

I don't know what to think now, but I feel the Nursing Director there,
who had an extensive discussion with him the other day, said she thinks
he understands the distinguishing differences now (I hope) between a
Diabetes condition and the apparent ("Hep-C") she supposedly said he
knew he had then, and has had it on his medical record with them since
at least 2001, when he had a general physical, and according to her
speculation that the department performs 6-month "Panel Liver Function"
checks once Hep-C is discovered (stressing) much like free-world
follow-ups are done. (h-m-m any of that debatable or challenge-able?)

These notes are not exactly complete and verbatim, but here's some of what
Shanta Pribble (gotta' love that name) says about the treatment:

Since 2001, he's had a number of these "panels" done; and should have
known the Hep-C was the likely culprit to his malady.
She suggests that it's normal policy, which isn't a given doctors are
really consistent with that in prison care, you know?
So, as to the Diabetes, his blood sugar readings aren't that radical over
normal readings categorized as "normal" in free-world terms, of Hemoglobin
checks of 4-6 as normal even to 7.0 as normal, and his was last checked at
7.7 above that normal range, which means he's been watching his intake of
problem foods diet-wise it seems to be.

He had a Liver Biopsy on (3/25/10) and after a review of that test,
expected around 4/21/10 or thereabouts, from the Regional Medical
Directors in Jefferson City, will probably be transferred to another (med.
unit) after that for Hep-C treatment using (Interferon); she believes he
was confused as to this "infection" of the Hep-C (viral infection) the
past couple years or however long it's been, and the Kidney infection he
thought it was due to related to his Diabetes we also thought was the
case. (your guess is as good as mine - or HIS as to the truth to all

That still doesn't absolve them of the fact that, now that Interferon
treatment is necessary would suggest to me things got out of control in
the controlling of the Hep-C disease state in and of itself.
She minimized my assertion that Hep-C is rampant in the prison systems,
and that it's no more pronounced than out here; and that at some point, I
can't remember when that might've been - he contracted it outside. But, I
countered that with he's been in there a long stretch as far as I know,
but I don't know his complete chronology of time he's done "flat time" or
been successively revoked of his parole.

The reality is they've also got to be held accountable too for the
deterioration that's occurred, and not just heap that responsibility on
the possibility he just didn't have better medical knowledge to understand
the difference.

Pribble maintains it was a liver dysfunctional problem all the while in
actuality and the Hep-C, which after Interferon & Endocrine System
Treatment, that I presume he's in favor of undergoing now, and a closer
scrutiny of his health and dietary consciousness; will hopefully help him
improve - though that still doesn't address the medication that made him
depressed. His blood pressure hasn't been at any alarming levels even with
the Diabetes she says.

She said someone named Arthur from the UK, who contacted them about
Jerome, but Jerome not knowing him, told them not to furnish him with any
information, I said he had a lot of people there in the UK working with
him, and mentioned you (Genea) as his lead support person there; so if you
know Arthur - explain it and tell him to write and familiarize himself
with him if you would.

If you want to try to contact her as well, I said I'd relate this to
y'all; her contact phone is:

Shanta Pribble,
Director of Nursing,
(573) 358-5516 (Ext#: 1308)
They'll hook you up after a minute.

P.S.: I'll make a note of marking a calendar to call her again to find out
how the review went, and of course I will write Jerome again too to get
any current events on what to expect next on the move; and maybe we can
find out who the doctors are that are hiding behind her a front-person -
not that I am denigrating a Nurse Director's medical expertise.

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