Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Joe Glenton jailed for nine months

A British soldier who refused to return to duty in Afghanistan and
went on to speak at anti-war rallies was sentenced to nine months'
detention in a military prison on 5th of March. Support group in
London is going to appeal, but it's not known whether that can change
the situation. Though, people from all over the world already could
show, how much solidarity can be effective, organised on 4th and 5th
of March actions in support of Joe in UK, Italy, USA, Germany,
Greece, Russia and earlie, in january, also in New Zealand and Poland.
Thanks to those people, charge of desertion was dropped and instead of
10 years detention in prison Joe was sentenced to 9 months.

Anyway, support of Joe, particularly international, is very important.
Soon there will be new actions of protest and solidarity.

We want to attract the most possible attention to the case of Joe
Glenton, because we think, that everyone has the right to life, right
to choice, and it doesn't matter whether he is soldier or not. We are
against wars, in which murders are tried to be justified in the name
of "benevolent intentions".

You can write to lance corporal, using this address:

Joe Glenton
Military Corrective Training Centre
Berechurch Hall Camp
CO2 9N
United Kingdom

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