Thursday, March 04, 2010

4strugglemag- proposal from Jaan Laaman cleveland anarchist black cross

Dear friends,

Below is a proposal from PP Jaan Laaman, asking for your help in
distributing and raising some funds for his publication,
4strugglemag. 4strugglemag currently sends hundreds of free mags to
prisoners, and we rely on outside subscribers/purchasers to subsidize
those costs. We are proposing that groups commit to purchasing 10
magazines (per issue) for $40 to distribute in their own
communities. And, of course, you should order more if you think you
can move them. Individual mags are $6, so you'll be raising some
funds for your group as well, by doing this distro.

To order, you can click on the 'donate' button on our subscription
page and send us the cash that way ( If
you wish to send us a cheque or money order, please DO NOT make it
out to '4strugglemag,' as we will not be able to cash it. You can
make it out to Sara Falconer or Karen Suurtamm and send it to us at

P.O. Box 97048
RPO Roncesvalles Ave.
Toronto Ontario
Canada M6R 1H1

PLEASE NOTE: Jaan has asked that you communicate with us directly
about this, because he isn't able to talk about money matters.

Also, check out our recently revamped website
( The new issue
will be up in a day or two. You can download our subscription flyer
here to distro and encourage people to become subscribers themselves

In strength and solidarity,

karen emily
4strugglemag (Toronto ABCF)

To My Sisters and Brothers in struggle,

On this Chinese New Year, Year of the Tiger, I have some positive
information and a suggestion/request for you. 4strugglemag is in its
fifth year of publication. We are upgrading our hard copy edition
beginning with issue 15, which will be out in a couple days. With
the improvements in 4sm's look, better covers, paper and printing, we
also want to increase hard copy circulation. 4sm will always be
primarily an online mag, but we want to increase hard copy
circulation to prisoners and people outside.

4sm will continue to publish 3 issues a year. Copies to prisoners
will continue to be free. We are asking $6 per issue for paper
copies ($15 for a one year's subscription), for people outside. To
increase 4sm's reach, we would like to send you, our closest natural
allies and comrades, small bundles (10 copies, or more if you want)
of each issue. We would ask that you send us back $4 per copy,
either right away or once you sell/distribute them. As I'm sure you
know, 4sm is not a money making venture, but we need to cover at
least some of our costs (particularly printing and mailing
costs). It should not be hard to sell 10 (or a lot more) copies of
this primary voise of political prisoners in the u.s., in the course
of your p.p. support and other work. We are also open to any ideas
you might have as far as increasing 4sm paper copy circulation.

Issue 15 will be out in early March and we want to send you a small
bundle beginning with this issue. Right now this is going out to all
abcf's, Jerichos and a few similar independent collectives. Get back
to us with any thoughts and let us know if you want more then ten
copies. Also send us the postal address where you want your bundle
mailed to. Keep in mind the 4sm is always open to any analysis,
ideas or information any of you want to put out there. We literally
are checked out by thousands of people in countries around the
world. Send you reply back to Sara and Karen in Canada. People in
email contact with me can copy your reply to me also if you
want. Working together 4sm can reach more people with even more
insightful and revolutionary words.

In Solidarity, Jaan Laaman

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