Thursday, March 11, 2010

Jerome White-Bey Needs Medical Treatment


Genea here from Brighton ABC in the UK. I've been corresponding with Jerome
White-Bey for many years, I'm sure you've probably heard of him, he started up
the MPLU, Missouri Prisoners Labor Union. I've had several letters over the
last few months where he's been talking about his on going kidney infection
from having diabetes, which the prison has so far not treated. I asked him if
he'd like me to write an appeal for people to write letters of complaint which
he said yes to. The letter appeal is at the bottom of this mail.

Since a few of us here have written complaints a couple of weeks ago I then
received a letter from him yesterday saying, "Here is the latest on my medical
treatment, one day the mental health docter called me to his office, he said
that the prison wanted him to see him first before they can start me on any
medication for the kidney infection that I have because the medication they are
going to give me has the side effects of depression, moody and angrier, I was
asked to sign some papers saying that I would not sue the State if something
goes wrong, but I refused to sign the papers and the docter then refused to
treat me for the kidney infection. Now correct me if I am wrong, but just being
in prison has me moody, angry and depressed so why would I agree to take
medication to make me even more so, plus what does a mental health docter have
to do with me and my kidney infection. Something about this doesn't sit right
with me and now the prison docter has not called me to his office again".

He then asked what I thought he should do and if I could help find out about
his treatment. But I'm in England, don't know how the medical systems work in
the US or what the standard treatment for a kidney infection from having
diabetes would be. Because there is also a time delay between us sending each
other letters overseas as well which isn't good with this being a problem with
his health I thought I would send out an e-mail to groups in the US to see if
anyone else had any ideas about what could be done to help him?


Urgent Letter Appeal For Medical Treatment Of Jerome White-Bey

Jerome White-Bey is the founder and president of the Missouri Prisoner Labour
Union, an organization of Missouri prisoners and their outside supporters who
are organizing around labour and other prison conditions. Since the founding of
the MPLU, Jerome has been subject to administrative harassment and retaliation.
He was in the "hole" (administrative segregation) for two years following the
formation of the MPLU and has constantly been moved in and out of segregation

Jerome is now appealing for help with a letter campaign. He has diabetes which
has caused a kidney infection that has lasted for several months now. Despite
several requests made by him to the doctors there the prison officials are
denying him any medical treatment for the kidney infection. He has had no
treatment, no tests, no medication and he is very worried about his health and
the effect the long lasting infection will have on him. In his own words:

"There is a plot against my well being. It is clear to me now, so the only sure
way to protect myself from ill willed people is to build a wall of security
around me, because when people on the outside show an overwhelming concern
about our well being, then that stills the hand of the evil doers. So anyone
that would like to write, call the prison or visit me is welcome to do so."

Please write letters of complaint to:

The Governor
2727 Highway K
Bonne Terre, MO 63628
+001 573 358-5516

Write letters of support to:

Jerome White-Bey
2727 Highway K
Bonne Terre, MO 63628

Sample letter:

Your name and address here:

Dear Governor of ERDCC,

I am writing to you to express my extreme concern for a prisoner currently held
in your prison. His name is Jerome White-Bey #37479. Mr White-Bey has diabetes
which has caused a kidney infection that has lasted for several months now.

Despite several attempts by himself to get his condition treated he has had no
treatment, no tests, no medication and is now very worried about his health and
the effect such a long term untreated infection will have upon it.

I am writing to you in the hope that you can look into this matter and ensure
that Mr White-Bey gets the treatment that a prison has the duty of care to
provide for the prisoners held with-in it.

Yours faithfully

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