Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Announcing Anti Prison Demo during G20 in Toronto


On Sunday, June 27 2010 at 5pm there will be a Demonstration Against
Prison in Toronto. Anarchists are organizing the demonstration as a part
of the larger mobilization in opposition to the G20 meetings.

This is a statement of our perspective and intention for the demo, more
details to come soon.

Prison is everywhere. It is nothing more than a reflection of the society
in which we live. A society that resembles an open prison in which the
majority of the population is locked up because of the necessity to find
money, because of the lack of purpose in life, because of the roles of
submission and servitude that are imposed by the ruling values. It is a
daily threat and reality that has permeated every facet of society.

With the deepening of surveillance, the integration of police forces, the
increased use of private security, the existence of courts, repression and
isolation, the walls of prison are already built around us. If we don’t
accept this miserable life offered to us, they’ll always have room for us
in their overcrowded cells. The fear of being ripped apart from our loved
ones and thrown into jail is what we measure, each day, against our
existing servitude.

In the streets, prisons, psychiatric institutions, detention centres,
there are those who do not come to peace with their exploitation, who do
not bury a taste for freedom, for a better life, just because a judge
imposes it. There are people who refuse the daily humiliation of obeying
guards and bosses. For whom the walls and the barbed wire of the prisons
are not yet marked in their brains but are taken as obstacles to overcome.

We desire to stand with comrades and accomplices who refuse to accept this
reality, who refuse to be defeated by the System, who taste freedom in the
ashes of prisons. We want to shed our fear and together confront the
prison apparatus – the surveillance cameras, the police, the alienating
consumer culture, the prison itself.

A question is often raised: what do we do with the murderers and rapists?
In this question lies the assumption that the current system offers a
solution. All the prisons have yet to “correct” the elements of society
that breed this violence. Let us think instead about what we can do with
each other, how we create communities of self-determination and autonomy
that do not breed this rape culture through patriarchy, or genocide
through racism.

We want to expand our solidarity in struggle against prison. We want
people to join us and directly confront the systems of social control. We
want to be everything prison isn't: uncontrollable, joyful, creative...

The location for this demo T.B.A.

Keep the date marked off, we'll see you in the streets!

For updates and more info: http://fireworksforprisons.wordpress.com

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