Wednesday, March 10, 2010

David McKay transferred to California (confirmed)

Denver ABC recently heard back from David McKay of the Texas 2, and confirmed that he’s now being held in Herlong, California.

David was moved from Texas to California in order to participate in a 9-month drug program. There is a small chance that completion of the program will get him a reduction of his (4 year) sentence by as much as 12 months. If nothing else, he will be transferred (sometime around September or October 2010 we estimate) to a minimum security facility. Thus far David has been held in medium-security prisons.

David writes that he has beef with the skinheads at the new prison because he’s participating in an integrated program (meaning inmates of ‘different races’ are cellmates) which is usually a big no-no in prisons. The threats of violence have not materialized yet.

David hasn’t received many letters since the transfer from Beaumont Texas. He’d probably appreciate a letter if you have a moment to write to him:

DAVID McKAY #14130-041
P.O. BOX 800

If anyone knows how to get in touch with his support crew or whoever runs the Free the Texas 2 website, let us know because the mailing / commissary information they list is inaccurate at this point in time.

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