Friday, March 19, 2010

How you can support Mumia


March 19, 2010

Dear Friends and Supporters of Mumia Abu-Jamal

The time has come to ante up for Mumia. We are
writing to invite you to join our Civil Rights
Investigation Campaign (CRIC) on behalf of Mumia
Abu-Jamal with your checkbooks and credit cards.
As many of you know, the campaign is urging the
Justice Department to open an investigation into
the decades-long violations of Mumia's civil
rights. As you also know, Mumia recently suffered
a setback when the U.S. Supreme Court ruled for
the Philadelphia district attorney, vacating
earlier rulings that had overturned the death
penalty and granted a new sentencing-phase trial.
Now, the Third Circuit Court will decide whether
or not to execute Mumia without having a new
sentencing trial. It's no exaggeration to say
that Mumia's life is in grave danger … more than ever.

We believe that this campaign, which has already
won national and international support and
generated tens of thousands of letters and
petitions to Attorney General Eric Holder, can
positively change Mumia's fate. The campaign's
supporters include the NAACP, the Riverside
Church Prison Ministry, dozens of international
unions, WESPAC; actress Ruby Dee; former U.S.
Attorney General Ramsey Clark; Professors Cornel
West, Noam Chomsky, and Henry Louis Gates; U.S.
Congressman Charles Rangel; and former U.S.
Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney (for current lists
of national and international organizations and
individuals who support the campaign, see our Web
site under Join the Campaign and scroll to the bottom).

But the campaign can't move forward to fulfill
its promise and possibilities without material
support. We must produce more palms cards,
fliers, petitions, and buttons; make banners;
rent buses Washington; pay for use of the Press
Club. We pay for our meeting space, invest in
video supplies, overnight mail documents to Mumia
to assure delivery, copy materials and, even
prepare to host some of the scheduled
international visitors and participants in the
meeting with the Department of Justice. Now is
the time to do everything we can to fight for Mumia's life.

We will return to Washington, DC, on April 26
(two days after Mumia's 56th birthday) with
busloads of supporters and boxloads of petitions
in Phase 2 of the CRIC. (Phase 1 ended on
November 12, 2009, when we delivered thousands of
petitions to the Justice Department chief of the
Civil Rights Division.) This time we hope to meet
with officials to make our case in person.

We can't control the courts. But we can invest in
an alternative strategy that may very likely have
results leading to a new trial. And exoneration.

Here's how you can help. You can make a
tax-deductible donation to the Free Mumia
Abu-Jamal Coalition (NYC) by going to our Web
site,, and clicking on "Please
donate to the struggle for Mumia's freedom" at
the right. PayPal takes it from there. Or you can
send a check made out to "IFCO/Free Mumia
Coalition" to the Free Mumia Abu-Jamal Coalition
(NYC), P.O. Box 16, College Station, New York, NY
10030. All monies will be shared by the
International Concerned Family & Friends of Mumia
Abu-Jamal and the Free Mumia Abu-Jamal Coalition
(NYC). We also hope you can be with us in Washington, DC on Monday, April 26.

We understand that the fight for freedom is not
free. It takes some money. Many of you have come
forward in the past and contributed to this
critical fight. We hope you can help us help Mumia again this time.

Free Mumia and All Political Prisoners! Ona Move!

Pam Africa, International Concerned Family and Friends of Mumia Abu-Jamal

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