Thursday, March 04, 2010

No senseless wars! Refusing to kill is not a crime!

Today, 4th of March, near the British Embassy was organised a picket
in support of lance corporal Joe Glenton, one of those, who could say,
what millions of people all over the world want to say. All those
people want the same thing - to stop senseless wars and murders.
In the picket anarchists, leftists, members of Autonomous Action and
animal liberation activists took part. Activists became an alive
banner, put on T-shirts with letters, forming slogan: "No war", also
members of the picket held posters with demand to drop all charges
against Joe Glenton, with the call for peace and with illustration,
how soldiers are used as cannonfodder. Members of the picket spread
antiwar leaflets to passerbies, also activists gave written request to
the embassy employee with explanation of Joe's situation.
Picket lasted for about 2 hours, after that activists went to the
metro station.

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