Monday, March 22, 2010

short film Actions vs. repressions from Russia

Actions vs. repressions

Produced, directed and filmed by Anarcho-art group "Children of Bakunin" and
Anarchist Black Cross of Moscow

14 minutes

Russia, 2009

English and German subtitres attached

Short film Actions vs. repressions gives a voice to Russian anti-authoritarian
activists from Autonomous Action of St. Petersburg and Ufa, Anarchist Black
Cross of Moscow and St. Petersburg and Vsevolod Ostapov, who got brutalised
by Police in April of 2007 and whose case became a rallying cry for a
significiant campaign against police brutality in Moscow during last two

Movie was originally produced for European tour of Russian hardcore band What
We Feel in autumn of 2009. In beginning of February 2010, band announced that
it will soon disband itself, due to having reached everything it could
artistically and due to increasing repression against band by the government
authorities. You may read a message from the band here:

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