Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Where Were You 40 Years Ago Today?

Emory PosterImagine, if you can, where you were 40 years ago today - only days before the New Year 1972.

How many sunsets, walks in the park, or dinners with friends have you witnessed since then?

How many winters, kisses, and dreams can you remember?

What about nightmares?

For over a decade we've been fortunate to have a small handful of loyal donors who, almost single handedly, have borne the brunt of the financial burden of keeping the Angola 3 legal team and campaign afloat.

But now we need your help to ensure that the final chapter of this epic, historic tragedy ends in freedom.

Albert Woodfox and Herman Wallace in a few short months will mark 40 years of tomorrows in 6 by 9 foot cells. Although calls to free these innocent men from Amnesty International, Samuel L. Jackson and even Capitol Hill echo around the world, they remain behind solitary bars.

2011 has brought a transition of judges, new movement in the legal cases, and new hope we have finally moved into the final leg of this long journey. In 2012 we could see Albert's conviction overturned for a third time, and Herman's for the first. The important civil struggle to recognize long term solitary confinement as "cruel and unusual" may finally be set for trial.

Please take a moment to think how much you could spare for each year they've lost.

$5 a year, $10, $25 or more?

We know that everywhere times are tough and money is tight. But anything you can give will help ensure that the legal team continues their critical work and that busloads of supporters are there to witness it.

It will support Robert's ability to continue sharing his invaluable perspective on justice and make sure Herman and Albert get access to newspapers and stamps. It will help us continue to mount a coordinated whirlwind of public pressure that may just make all the difference.

This year, when the clock strikes 12, and you turn to embrace the New Year, remember your favorite 40 moments of the last 40 years. And then resolve to dedicate 40 more to open the eyes of justice, and bring freedom to all those who have been wrongfully convicted.

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