Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Swedish Animal Rights Activist Viktor Padellaro is a fascist

It has far too late come to our knowledge that the former supported
animal rights activist Viktor Padellaro, arrested and prosecuted for
several threats against animal torturers and an McDonalds arson, is in
fact a fascist. He expresses this not only in his own blog
(http://le-clairon.blogspot.com) but also in different forums. One of
the forums of which he is a member is Nordisk.nu which is an infamous
nazi forum for radical nationalists.

We encourage you to withdraw the support and to spread this
information. I suppose no one would enjoy the comradeship of a fascist.

Embarrasing as it is, to far too late realize one should have
conducted a background check, I apologize for being part in the
spreading of false information and hope others learn from this.
Everybody acting for a similiar cause is not always a comrade but
sometimes an enemy.

Representing the "nomad chapter" of ABC Stockholm/Malmö,

A comrade in the prison struggle

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