Saturday, December 17, 2011

Mumia Moved, Ndume's Freedom

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Dear Friends,

Last night Mumia Abu-Jamal was moved out of Administrative Custody and transferred to Disciplinary Custody at SCI Mahanoy. Here is his new address:

Mumia Abu-Jamal
AM 8335
SCI Mahanoy
301 Morea Road
Frackville, PA 17932

Take a moment to call and write.

Write Mumia and call the prison Warden John Kerestes at 570-773-2158. Tell the him that Mumia must not be kept shackled during visits. He must have contact visits (after 30 yrs of non contact vistis). He must have access to his family, his lawyers, and communication with the outside world.

On Thursday the 9th, I attended the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) rally. More accurately, I went to the FOP Klan rally in Glenside PA. It was a shocking display of naked calls for harm to Mumia. Maureen Faulkner asked the 900 strong, 99% white police officer audience members to call the Governor and demand that Mumia be transfered where he could be threatened or killed. The head of FOP said, "The next time I want to hear about him is in his obituary."

Bemoaning the fact that Mumia has slipped out of their FOP noose was the usual parade - Hugh Burns, Tigre Hill, Seth Williams, Maureen Faulkner, Joseph McGill, and Michael Smerconish. They sowed hate and delivered vigilante propaganda to a blood thirsty crowd. What a dramatic contrast to the defense rally the next night at the Constitution Center with Johanna Fernandez, Cornel West, Amiri Baraka, Ramona Africa, Marc Lamont Hill, and others. One was all about love, the other all about hate.

While we strive for justice and stand with life-affirming committment to healing, we must also take action in defending all of our brothers and sisters inside prison.

Tell the prison that the world is watching, and that you care about Mumia and the conditions of all prisoners. After Desmond Tutu visited him at SCI Greene they took off the hand and waist shackles. For the last week he has been back in shackles during non contact visits.

Please visit our new improved website where you can find coverage of Mumia Abu-Jamal on Democracy Now! as well as links to the historic Dec. 9 Constitution Center event. We also are making available copies of Mumia's brand new books: The Classroom and the Cell and Message to the Movement. You can link to our Facebook, Twitter , Blog and Podcast. And as always, you can find Mumia's latest commentaries as well as access to the entire Prison Radio Archive.

Painting by Ndume Olatushani (Erskine Johnson)

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Making a tax-deductible donation will make ensure that Mumia’s and other prisoner's voices continue to be heard.

* $25 receives 'Message to the Movement' a pamphlet in the Occupied Media Series by Mumia Abu-Jamal.

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* $1000 receives a complete library of books written by Mumia Abu Jamal, seven titles and each new release.

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