Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Kevin Rashid Johnson #1002485
Red Onion State Prison
P.O. Box 1900
Pound, VA 24279

Counselor was evasive and unhelpful

Medical was more receptive.

On Dec 17, 2011, at 6:06 PM, Paulette Dauteuil wrote:

Greeting I just received this and Rashid was a friend and comrade of Sofiya's and
Jericho for many years. Please make this call our comrade has been under attack for
far too long by the prison goons guards--Paulette
Sparc DC

ALERT: Kevin Rashid Johnson was assaulted by staff at Red Onion. He has a dislocated
shoulder and is yet to receive proper medical attention. He had a large swath of
hair pulled out. This occurred when he refused to turn his back on an officer as he
came out of the exercise cage. Please contact Director of VA DOC, Harold Clarke
(804) 674-3000 and Warden Randy Mathena of Red Onion (276)796-7510. We demand that
Tony Adams is held accountable for these hostile actions against Rashid. We demand
that Rashid no longer be a target because of his political work.

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