Tuesday, December 06, 2011


WHAT: Red to Green: Political Panic from McCarthyism to ‘Eco-Terrorism’ Panel
discussion with Robert Meeropol, Will Potter and Jenny Synan with an introduction by
Rachel Meeropol plus an AMAZING raffle

WHEN: 6:30-8:00, Wednesday, December 7th
WHERE: Community Church of New York (40 East 35th Street, between Park and Madison

COST: Free entry; raffle tickets are $2 each or three for $5.

Every year we commemorate Daniel’s arrest with an event on or around December 7th.
This year’s event will link advocates, activists and concerned individuals to think
critically around the Red and Green scare, and ongoing repression of political
dissidents in the United States. On the sixth anniversary, Family & Friends of
Daniel McGowan, The Rosenberg Fund for Children, Will Potter of GreenIsTheNewRed and
the Center for Constitutional Rights are hosting this panel discussion. In addition
to the panel, we’re planning on doing a raffle to raise money which goes to Daniel’s
commissary account in prison and any future legal expenses.

PURCHASE RAFFLE TICKETS NOW! You may change the quantity on the next page to
purchase as many packs of tickets as you’d like. You do not have to live in NYC to
participate in the raffle, but you do need to be in the U.S. because of shipping
costs. If you cannot make the event, we will mail you your prize.


IFC Membership (The Cineaste Plus One) ($120 value)
BORF signed limited-edition Support Daniel print ($100 value)
Bluestockings membership & t-shirt
Dr. Bronner’s Holiday Gift Basket ($50 value)
If A Tree Falls: A Story of the Earth Liberation Front DVDs
Livescribe Echo 4GB smartpen + 4-pack of Livescribe Dot Paper ($150+ value)
1/2 Gallon Wilder Brook Farm Maple Syrup
Art by Elektra KB ($250 value)
Sparrow Media Shirts: One, Two, and Three
Fingerless mitts hand-knitted by Sarah Paul (mother of Jonathan Paul, Daniel’s
Support Daniel McGowan T-shirt
Support Daniel McGowan Water Bottle
Green is the New Red book donation and signed posters
A pair of tickets to the Spectacle Theater
Two gift certificates to Book Thug Nation
1 acupuncture session with Famous
Pie Any Means Necessary: The Biotic Baking Brigade Cookbook
$75 worth of Books from Justseeds
Let Freedom Ring, edited by Matt Meyer
Eco-Warriors by Rik Scarce
Subscriptions to Fifth Estate
The Will of the Many by Marrianne Maeckelbergh
Books by Brian Tokar (“Toward Climate Justice” and “Agriculture & Food in Crisis“)
2012 Justseeds/Eberhardt Press Organizers
Books from Crimethinc. (Recipes for Disaster and Work), Eberhardt Press, Combustion
Books, Burning Books (Buffalo, New York)
Wind(s) from below: Radical Community Organizing to Make a Revolution Possible
Team Colors Posters
DVDs from Whispered Media (Boom and We Interrupt This Empire)
Certain Days: Freedom For Political Prisoners 2012 Wall Calendar
One year subscription to 4StruggleMag

Event Co-Sponsored by:
The Center for Constitutional Rights
The Rosenberg Fund for Children
Green is the new Red
Family and Friends of Daniel McGowan

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