Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Jailed comrade, Truth, in need of support from his Occupy family

December 11, 2011 Anti-Repression Committee, Occupy Oakland

One of our comrades, Truth, was arrested the evening of the General
Strike. He now is still in custody due to a probation violation. The
Anti-Repression Support Committee would like to encourage everyone
involved in the Occupy movement to stand in solidarity with him through
this rough time. Truth is (as he put it) “an occupier for life!” and was
with us from day one of the occupation of Oscar Grant Plaza until his
arrest. We just received a letter from him and he has expressed that he
wants to hear from and see fellow occupiers and was overjoyed to know we
hadn’t forgotten him.

Here’s a few suggestions on how to get Truth’s back:

1. Go to his courtdates, give him a wink and the evil eye to the judge and
DA (who’s trying to give him a year! F-that.)
NEXT COURTDATE: January 31st at 2pm at Rene Davidson courthouse (note this
is a different courthouse than the arraignments!) on 12th and Oak street.
Department 11.

2. Write him letters!
HIS ADDRESS: Eric Benard #AWK373
550 6th Street
Oakland, CA 94607

3. Visit him. He’s at North County Jail (aka Glenn Dyer Jail) which is on
7th Street and Clay. Look at this site for visiting hours and rules:

4. Truth’s NLG attorney is looking for witnesses to his arrest. Did you
witness his arrest? Please get in touch with the National Lawyers Guild if
you think you did, or if you have video or pictures of his arrest. If
you’re not sure do not hesitate to check with the NLG. Call the hotline:
415 285 1011

To get in touch with the Anti-Repression Support Committee email us at

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