Thursday, December 22, 2011

Anarcho-Punks Vandalize Indonesian Embassy in Moscow

Jakarta Globe | December 19, 2011

A group of self-proclaimed anarchist-punks in Moscow have released a video that shows them allegedly defacing the Indonesian embassy in Moscow in a show of support for dozens of punks being detained in Aceh.

In a YouTube video posted by user morevanili on Dec. 15, an unidentified man can be seen spray painting two sides of a building identified as the Indonesian Embassy in the Russian capital.

On one wall, the man writes in Russian, “Religion=Fascism.” On another wall, the same man paints the slogan, “Punk is not a crime.”

The group behind the vandalization told Russian news portal that “we consider ourselves anarcho-punks and this news offended us in the deepest sense.”

The group went on to say that they would not tolerate religious values being imposed on personal freedom.

Members of the group went on to say that they hoped the punks in Aceh would feel inspired and strengthened, hearing that people in a far-off country felt solidarity with their struggle.

“Punk is not a crime. Religion is fascism. Fight for your looks,” one member said.

Sixty-four young people have been held by the Aceh police for the supposed crime of being “punk.” They have not been charged with any crime or brought before a court.

Last week, police took them to the Aceh State Police camp for “re-education.” Mohawks and dyed hair came off as police shaved the men’s heads. The women’s hair was cut short in the fashion of a female police officer.

Deputy mayor of Banda Aceh Illiza Sa’aduddin Djamal supported the crusade against the punk community, telling the community that the punk lifestyle was a social disease that was disturbing the peace.

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