Friday, November 09, 2007

URGENT - Eric is being denied critical medical care!

Date: November 9, 2007 8:07:28 PM EST

Dear friends,

This morning Eric called and informed us that his pericarditis woke him up
at 6 am. He was having chest pains, trouble breathing, and was unable to
lie down. Because of this, he went out for sick call and was given an
EKG. The jail doctor told him that he was fine and that he NEVER had
pericarditis - in direct contradiction to the diagnosis from the doctors
at UC Davis Medical Center in the spring. When Eric asked to see the
results of the EKG, the doctor refused and sent him back to his cell.
Later, Eric requested to see the doctor again and they refused to see him.
Eric's lawyer has filed a memo with the court and sent it to Scott Jones
(the jail commander) and the US Marshalls Service.

It is imperative that Eric be allowed to see a doctor and that he be given
the proper medical care. Pericarditis can be a VERY serious condition -
especially left untreated. It is URGENT that everyone call the jail
immediately and demand that Eric be allowed to see a doctor and that they
give him the medical care he needs. If the jail cannot provide this, they
need to send him back to UCD Med Center where he can get the proper care.

The phone number to the Correctional Health Services Division is: (916)

You can also email them at:

You should also call the main jail line at: 916-874-6752 of 916-874-6905,
leave a message with them, and also request to speak with Captain Scott

Their website says that they log all calls and emails and that you will
receive a response within 24 hours. Make sure that you have Eric's
x-reference number when you call: x-2972521. They might also ask for his
location, which is the Sacramento County Main Jail. If you get an
answering machine, leave a long detailed message, include your name and
number if you would like to receive a call back.

We are fairly certain that this recent flare-up of pericarditis is
directly linked to Eric's atrocious diet. He is still not receiving vegan
meals. His substandard diet consists primarily of small amounts of empty
carbs, hydrogenated oils, and a bit of protein. It is crucial mention
this when calling the jail about his condition, and demand that he be
given vegan meals immediately. They have given him vegan meals and outside
medical treatment before and can easily do it again, anything less could
have severe repercussions for Eric's health.

We will keep you updated about this situation as more information becomes

Sentencing Postponed

Eric's sentencing has been moved to January 10. This is an upsetting
development, as Eric was looking forward to getting out of the Sacramento
County Jail - once moved to a federal facility, his general living
conditions will likely improve dramatically. He will probably have access
to better food, more outdoor time, more social interaction, contact
visits, etc. The longer we have to wait for sentencing, the longer we
have to wait to start the appeals process. Please continue writing Eric
during this time (details about writing Eric can be found on his website: This is proving to be a particularly difficult time
for him, and he needs everyone's support.

Also, please plan on coming to sentencing on January 10 to support Eric.
We would love to have the courtroom full for him on this day.

Finally, please consider writing a letter to the judge to urge the lowest
possible sentence for Eric. The US Attorney is still indicating that they
will be pushing for the maximum sentence of 20 years. The judge needs to
hear from Eric’s friends and family – he needs to know that Eric is a
well-respected, honest, compassionate, non-violent person. It is
important for Judge England to know that the acts charged in the
indictment are out of character for Eric. Some things you might mention
in your letter include:

(1)How long you have known Eric

(2)How you met him and how you know him (i.e. school, work, mutual
friends, etc.)

(3)Any experiences you have had with Eric that demonstrate what you think
are important aspects of his character

Address your letter to:

Judge England
U.S. District Court, Eastern District of California-Sacramento
501 “I” Street
Sacramento, CA 95814

Please DO NOT send your letter directly to Judge England. Instead, please
send them directly to Eric’s lawyer:

Mark Reichel
555 Capitol Mall, 6th Floor - Suite 600
Sacramento, CA 95814

Please mail your letter with your original signature as soon as possible.
Again, letters should be sent to Eric’s lawyer, Mark Reichel, and not to
the judge.

Reminders and Miscellaneous

Eric is still doing fine on books. Please refrain from sending him more
until further notice.

Eric's next hearing is still on calendar for November 15. This will be a
hearing on the motion for a new trial and acquittal, which can be viewed
on Eric's website.

Earth First! journal recently published an article about Eric and his
case. The article can be viewed online at:

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