Monday, November 12, 2007

PP Chris "Dirt" McIntosh in need of support

Chris is currently in his 3rd year of an 8
year sentence for arson at a McDonalds in Seattle.
His website is no longer active.

Please write to Chis and add him to your support lists. He
can be reached at:

Chris McIntosh #30512-013
USP Hazelton
PO Box 2000
Bruceton Mills, WV 26525

Statement from Chris McIntosh

Some time ago, I asked the movement to remove my name from
prisoner lists and support efforts. Unfortunately, because
at the time my reasons for doing so were in conflict with
certain persons' ideologies, my prepared statement was not
posted on my website. So it seemed as though I took my
leave without explanation, which was not the case. Also,
it seemed like I was “quitting.” But that was not and
still is not the case.

I had become frustrated and disillusioned by the
resistance to evolution within the struggle. I see
evolution as one of the main principles to be harnessed in
order to escape the entropic fate that destroys all life
that doesn’t progress in being or survival tactics. Also,
I don’t understand why the foremost natural law – might
makes right – is not held paramount. The fact we have no
inherent rights other than what we conquer through our
manifest physical will.

Now I still don’t understand why those principles have not
become the North star of our resistance movement, but I
realize after much contemplation and reflection upon my
responsibility in the struggle for the preservation of all
life, bailing out was not the most responsible step and
not the healthiest choice.

So it is, I humbly request that those who still care for
my situation and would in some way help in the support of
my personal struggle during this incarceration by whatever
is in their means – be it a letter or much needed funds
(would be much appreciated) as my diet and maintenance of
such is still an issue, commissary funds are necessary.
The Administration is and has been very unsympathetic to
the veg diets of the prisoners here. It has even caused
me, at times, to eat meat – which is a strain on me.

Also I need mental and emotional support. This institution
being a U.S.P. (maximum security) sees a lot of violence –
stabbings, attempted murders… We are on lockdown for our
second murder in a little over a year as I write this. I
am also struggling with the race dynamics here. Ignorant
behavior finds some way to oppress you no matter where you
turn and creates high race tension. I have fought hard and
long to combat within myself the anger and hatred caused
by this tension. As I move through time further and
further from the streets and the good people I knew, this
situation seems more and more like reality and I need help
in grounding myself back on the other side of this wall.

I need your help to regain my sense of hope for the future
in a place where survival is not guaranteed. I need your
help to maintain my long held anarchist beliefs in this
environment of debased, sickening individuals.

I appreciate your help.

Your anarchist brother in continued resistance
-Chris “Dirt” McIntosh
13 October 2007

PS. I don’t think any of the people that were doing my
support will be available to do it again, so I’m thinking
even low level support will be better than none.

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