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Eric McDavid Update

Date: November 1, 2007 11:58:59 PM EDT

Dear friends and supporters,

Please see below for the latest news on Eric’s case and how you can
continue to support him.

New Trial Motion Hearing

On November 15, at 10:00 am, Eric will have a hearing before Judge England
(the same judge that presided over his trial) on the motion that Mark
filed to request a new trial. The basis for the motion is the long list
of egregious errors made by the court during Eric’s trial. The motion is
now posted in its entirety on the website, so please take a minute to
check it out. If the motion is granted, Eric will receive a new trial,
which could take months. If the motion is denied, then the court will
proceed with sentencing on December 6 and we will begin the process of
appeals. Either way, Eric will continue to live in captivity for a very
long time. Please keep up all the amazing support you have offered for
the last 22 months!


Eric’s sentencing is set for December 6. This will be a critical and
stressful time for Eric and his loved ones. Please consider coming to
court on this day to show your support for Eric. He needs to know we are
with him, and will continue to be with him, throughout this ordeal.

There is one more very important thing you can do to help with sentencing.
Please take a few minutes and write a letter to the judge, urging a
minimal sentence for Eric. The US Attorney is still indicating that they
will be pushing for the maximum sentence of 20 years. The judge needs to
hear from Eric’s friends and family – he needs to know that Eric is a
well-respected, honest, compassionate, non-violent person. It is
important for Judge England to know that the acts charged in the
indictment are out of character for Eric. Some things you might mention
in your letter include:

(1)How long you have known Eric

(2)How you met him and how you know him (i.e. school, work, mutual
friends, etc.)

(3)Any experiences you have had with Eric that demonstrate what you think
are important aspects of his character

Address your letter to:

Judge England
U.S. District Court, Eastern District of California-Sacramento
501 “I” Street
Sacramento, CA 95814

Please DO NOT send your letter directly to Judge England. Instead, please
send them directly to Eric’s lawyer:

Mark Reichel
555 Capitol Mall, 6th Floor - Suite 600
Sacramento, CA 95814

Please mail your letter with your original signature as soon as possible.
Again, letters should be sent to Eric’s lawyer, Mark Reichel, and not to
the judge.

Vegan Food

Eric is still not receiving vegan meals. PLEASE continue calling the jail
and requesting that they give him vegan food. We realize this can be a
frustrating process, but it is very important for Eric’s health and
morale. Be aware that the person who answers the phone may very well lie
to you about what is actually happening, or give you a prepared response
(such as “we are aware of the situation”). If the jail were to give Eric
vegan food, you would be the first to know! And if they give you a
prepared response that only means that enough of us are calling to at
least annoy them. But not enough of us to change the situation – so keep

The person who made the decision to cut off Eric’s food is Lt. Ilg, and
the person who oversees him is Scott Jones. Feel free to request to speak
to either of these people when calling the jail.

It’s always helpful to have Eric’s x-reference number handy when calling
the jail, in case the person you are speaking with asks for it. Eric’s
x-ref is: x-2972521. You can call the jail at :


Yes, the ubiquitous fundraising plea… We realize this one can start to
feel a little monotonous and tiresome. Unfortunately, it is also one of
the most important things we can do for Eric right now. To appeal Eric’s
case to the 9th Circuit will cost approximately $35,000 in legal fees, a
number that can seem overwhelming and distant. But with everyone’s help
we have no reason to believe that it cannot be accomplished. Please start
organizing your next fundraiser now.

To make an individual donation online (via Paypal) visit Eric’s website at Or you can send a check/money order made out to
Sacramento Defense Fund to:

PO Box 163126
Sacramento, CA 95816

Please remember to make it out to Sacramento Defense Fund, otherwise we
won’t be able to deposit it.

And speaking of fundraisers, some folks in DC have put together a really
amazing event. If you are going to be in DC on November 17, don't miss
it! Details are at the end of this email.

New Flyers

New flyers have been created (thanks to the fellow who helped make that
happen!) and will be posted soon on Eric's website. Please make copies
and distribute them at your next event, at your favorite infoshop or
coffee shop.


Support Eric t-shirts are still available online from the great folks at
In Our Hearts. They are $10 in person or $15 for national mail order.
See Eric’s website for more details.


Eric says he is currently doing fine with reading material and has asked
that everyone wait to send him any books you have in mind until further
notice. He will not be able to bring anything with him when he is
transferred to a federal facility, and will probably not need any more
books before that time.

Also, please remember that if you would like to visit Eric, you should
contact him first so he can put you in touch with his family. He has very
limited visit times and would like to make sure they are used in the most
effective/efficient way possible.

Thank you all for your continued support!


Fundraiser in DC

State Repression in the Era of the War on Terrorism

A discussion of the Criminalization of Animal Rights and Environmental
Activists and the Continued War on the Black Liberation Movement


Ashanti Alston, former political prisoner and Black Panther
Ramona Africa of MOVE
Gideon Oliver, Civil Rights Attorney, member National Lawyers Guild
Will Potter, Journalist and creator of

Saturday, November 17 at 7 p.m.
at St. Stephen's Church
1525 Newton Street NW
Washington, D.C.

Join journalists, attorneys, and former political prisoners at a forum
discussing the links between past and present instances of state
repression of social justice movements. From the targeting of animal and
environmental activists being dubbed by many as the "Green Scare" to the
37-year-old charges being brought against former Black Panthers in San
Fransisco, hear how history is repeating itself as state repression
intensifies in the era of the "War on Terrorism" -- and what we can do to
fight it.

$5-10 sliding scale donation to benefit:
Eco-Prisoner, Eric McDavid (
and the Jericho Movement (

For further information and updates, go to:
Or call, 202-986-0681

Co-Sponsored by: Brian MacKenzie Infoshop; Red Emma's Bookstore and
Coffeehouse; Friends and Family of Daniel McGowan; Black August Planning
Organization; The National Jericho Movement

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