Tuesday, November 20, 2007

November 2007 Update on Jeff "Free" Luers

Dear Friends and Supporters of Jeffrey Free Luers:

First, a brief announcement that we have a beautiful new design for Jeff's support website http://www.freejeffluers.org. A friend of ours, Javier, donated his time over the past few weeks and we are very grateful to him for his hard work.

Next, we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all of the letters you have sent, events you have organized, and funds you have raised or donated, to help Jeff get through his time in prison and fight his outrageous 23-year sentence.

At the time of this writing Jeff is still at Lane County jail waiting for his resentencing hearing, yet to be scheduled. (See http://freejeffluers.org/background.html for appeal info)

We remain hopeful, but we need your help.

Legal costs and attorneys fees are mounting. In order to ensure that Jeff receives the best representation he can get at his resentencing, we are asking you, all of Jeff's supporters, to donate what you can to help him cover his legal costs and deal with the remainder of his time in prison.

In order for us to give something back, and to keep Jeff's case in everyone's mind, we've put together a few items to send out to his supporters. Items range from: benefit bracelets you can wear to show your support for Jeff and Green Scare prisoners; a brand new compilation CD of Jeff's (and our) favorite music (all donated by independent folk artists and punk rockers who are also Jeff's supporters); the documentary DVD "22/8: The Jeffrey 'Free' Luers Story"; great t-shirts with "Free Jeff Luers" above beautiful artwork by Nikki McClure on the front; and a book called "The Secret World of Terijian", by Crimthinc Northstar.

Anyone donating $150 or more will receive all of the items. For a donation of $75-$149, you will receive bracelets, the book and 2 other items (please specify). A donation of $25-$74 will receive bracelets, book, and 1 other item (please specify). All items will be shipped to the address you specify once we receive your donation. If you are outside the US please consider including a few extra dollars to cover the extra shipping costs.

Our price list for the items if you would like to purchase separately from your donation. Prices include US standard shipping. (all proceeds will go to Jeff):

Bracelets (2) - $4
CD - $14
DVD - $14
T-Shirt - $16
Book - $6

Please also continue to write to Jeff. He has told us how happy he is to be hearing from his supporters while he is at Lane County.

Write to:

Jeffrey Luers # 1306729
Lane County Adult Corrections
101 West 5th Ave
Eugene, OR 97401-2695

Thank you to all of you that have donated in the past. Your generosity is tremendously appreciated. It is with your help that Jeff may soon be able to once again be free. We look forward to the day we can sit down to dinner, walk to the park, watch the sunset, or hike an old-growth forest with Jeff again.

Thank you,

- Friends of Jeffrey "Free" Luers

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