Monday, November 12, 2007

Sadie and Exile need funds!

Date: November 12, 2007 10:41:03 PM EST

Warm Greetings,
As Autumn takes her grip and we venture indoors there is an
opportunity to wonder about the state of our friends and loves. Our
thoughts are currently drawn towards our disappeared, Sadie and Exile,
languishing in their respective prisons. As some of the freshness of
the new environs begins to fade and the specter of at least 5 more
years of imprisonment looms, their resilience is likely flagging to
some degree. The generous spate of donations that continued throughout
their time in Oregon has abated, and there is concern on their part
that there won't be money for them to get their needs met.

While we feel uncomfortable continually harassing you folks for money,
we are seeking a way to ensure their ongoing financial support. They
require a stipend for commissary each month, and sadly their support
fund has run dry. We are wondering if it might be possible for people
to commit to a monthly donation, obviating the need for these pesky
emergency pleas. Even a small $5.00-$15.00 donation on a regular basis
will make necessary items available to them. Sadie recently wrote to
tell us that her Reeboks were wearing out and that she needed another
pair of shoes. While we are greatly saddened to know that someone who
once displayed such a brilliant aesthetic has been reduced to wearing
Reeboks, we know that comfortable shoes are pretty crucial.

Sadie and Exile are currently gestating ideas for an internet
presence, which will bring to light their lives for those of us on the
outside. This will also hopefully ease the financial burden, as people
not on this list will be able to donate to the support fund via
Paypal. In the meantime, any monetary offerings you can send their way
would be heartily appreciated!

Both of them report doing well, enjoying listening to the radio and
getting the opportunity to work. Sadie has taken a job as a plumber,
learning more than she probably ever wanted to know about this arcane
profession. She's glad to be picking up what is surely such a useful
skill, but looking forward to the time when she will no longer have to
work the full 40 hour workweek. Exile seems to have become the
groundskeeper for the prison chapel, which if you know him, you will
recognize as an astoundingly appropriate job for such a mystical soul
(who is also a gardener by trade)! They are both being paid prison
wages, which I'm sure you can guess are pitiful, and even these will
be garnished by the government in an attempt to collect remunerations
for the corporations who incurred financial damage from their actions.
We hope that all of you are faring well and have enjoyed the changing
shades of the surrounding world. Please be in touch if you have any
Be well.

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