Thursday, November 29, 2007

Boston, MA: 12/3 dinner fundraiser with Ward Churchill, Lynne Stewart, Ralph Schonan

In Conjunction with International Day of Solidarity with Political Prisoners
Please join Jericho-Boston and the New England Committee to Defend Palestine

Monday, December 3, 2007 at 7pm for a Dinner Fundraiser with Lynne
Stewart, Ward Churchill, Ralph Schonan
The dinner will be held at the Community Church, 565 Boylston St., Copley
Square, Boston

For information: Jericho-Boston (617) 830-0732

Lynne Stewart
Ward Churchill's ZNet homepage


Sunday, December 2nd 2-6pm Encuentro 5
Suggested Donation: $10
33 Harrison Ave., Chinatown
In commemoration of the International Day of Solidarity with Political
This panel is part of a three day series organized by Jericho Boston. Let
us remember and honor, not only the political prisoners being held in the
us, but also those being held everywhere in the world, in places like
Palestine, Turkey, the Basque Country to name a few.
We are honored to have as speakers:
Ashanti Alston (former Black Liberation Army Political Prisoner)
Dhoruba Bin Wahad (former Black Panther Party Political Prisoner)
Edwin Cortes (former FALN Prisoner of War)
Jihad Abdul-Mumia (former Black Liberation Army Political Prisoner)
Pam Africa (MOVE! Organization, ICFFMAJ)
Ward Churchill (American Indian Movement, Author)
Speaking on their struggle and of their people's struggle to overcome the
fierce repression and imperialism unleashed onto them for their fight for
self determination and freedom from oppression. Many of the root causes of
economic exploitation and social underdevelopment which were in place back
then are still affecting our communities today. CORI and other draconian
laws are being passed to keep people, especially people of color,
marginalized and disenfranchised.

Join us to strategize to bring our freedom fighters home and liberate our

Jericho-Boston, (617) 830-0732,

Jericho-Boston, (617) 830-0732,

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