Wednesday, November 14, 2007

McDavid Hunger Strike Day 6

As Eric enters day 6 of his hunger strike we wanted to give the latest
news on his health and the response from the jail.

Yesterday Eric requested to see the nurse because his kidneys hurt and his
right tonsil was inflamed and bleeding. He was seen by the nurse today but
they refused to examine his kidneys or his tonsils. They just took his
vitals. He is 152 pounds which means he has lost 8 pounds since Friday.
Last Friday Eric sent a message to the Dr. asking what would be the effect
of taking the steriods they wanted to give him for his pericarditis if he
wasn't eating. Today he received the utterly confusing response that he
never had pericarditis so they would have no effect. Obviously this does
not explain whether or not it is safe to take these drugs while hunger

We have a report that the direct line for Captain Scott Jones is
916-874-5428. He is the main jail commander and decides whether or not
Eric gets fed and what policies should be in place for feeding other vegan
prisoners. You may want to mention to him that states such as Florida have
chosen to offer vegan meals as the special meal in all of their prisons.
The jail has provided Eric with vegan food before and can do it again.
Eric is hunger striking with the demand that he be given a garauntee of
healthy vegan meals and that the jails policy be changed to provide vegan
food for other prisoners that request it.

Apparently the Correctional Health Services Division has been flooded with
call about Eric's case. It appears they are just begining to be informed
about this issue and take his dire medical situation seriously. A staff
person from the Correctional Health Services Division and a man who
identified himself as the Medical Director of UCD Medical Center both
called Eric's mother today and asked her to tell people to stop calling.
Eric's mother explained to them what Eric's condition was and why people
were concerned. They both said they did not know about Eric's food
situation. Be sure to mention the link between Eric's lack of food and his
heart condition as well as his hunger strike if you call them. Here is the
pertinent information for calling the Correctional Health Services

1) Eric's x-reference number: x-2972521 (if they ask, he is housed at the
main jail)

2) Eric needs to be given vegan food immediately. His heart condition is
almost certainly linked to his atrocious nutritional intake, and until
they provide him with healthy food, his heart problem will persist.
Because Eric is demanding that they talk to him about changing their
policy, it is imperative that they speak with him right away about working
on an agreement. You should request to speak with Captain Scott Jones,
the jail commander, about these issues.

3) Eric needs to receive an ECG, blood work and an x-ray ASAP. These tests
are imperative to determining other possible causes of the pericarditis.
Again, until they fully understand what is causing the condition, they
will only be treating symptoms.

The phone number to the Correctional Health Services Division is: (916)

You can also email them at:

On Thursday November 15 at 10am Eric with appear in Judge England
courtroom for the hearing on his motion for a new trial.

Thank you to all those who have been writing and calling the jail, it
sounds like we may be finally getting through to them. It is important for
them to know that they are being scrutinized and that there are many
people that are concerned about Eric and will continue to be concerned
until this situation is resolved. Everyday that this continues his health
is in jeopardy.

Thank you for your support

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