Friday, November 09, 2007

Matt Lamont Raided by the Feds - Help Needed

Yesterday Matt Lamont - former anarchist political
prisoner- pulled up to his house only to find find
federal agents sitting in wait for him. Once he parked
his car federal agents rushed in with their badges-
intent on making a scene.
Agents told Lamont that as part of his parole
conditions- they were engaging in a search of his
person and property. When he asked about why the
federal government was involved in a "random search"
they commented that all policing agencies had a right
to said searches.
During the search, agents continued to make threat
against Matt. At one point they commented about how
Jen- his wife- was expecting to have a child and that
his would be a shame for their child to grow up
without their father. Apparently this meant that Matt
may return to prison due to parole violation. It is
important to note that Matt's probation is going to
expire in February 2008.
Throughout the raid, Matt demanded to know what this
was really about. Finally, the agents informed Matt
that they wanted him to provide information to the
federal government about the movement. An agent told
Matt that he was going to contact him in two weeks.
The agent was going to sit down with Matt and another
unmentioned individual and that Matt better provide
information. Matt asked who the other unknown person
was and the agent retorted that he would find out at
the meeting.
Matt is in need of a lawyer. It would be unwise for
him to attend the meeting without a lawyer. The agent
informed Matt that he would regret it if he did not
answer or return the agents call when he calls again.
In short, Matt needs a lawyer now! If someone knows a
lawyer who can help Matt out, please take action. You
can email the lawyers information to me and I will
pass it on to Matt.
Thank You
Matt Hart

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