Wednesday, November 21, 2007

other side of the News radio show

The other side of the News is a new radio show played   at Killradio
dot org an internet radio station, discusses environmental
issues, indigenous struggles and political prisoners. Today's show
features an interview with Hank Jones member of the San Fransisco
Eight who's currently on bail. A statement was read before the
interview, stating that this material is not to be used for financial
and personal gain and that all inquiries must be directed to www dot
freedom archives dot org.

Connie from the South Central Farmers' Archive is also interviewed.
She talks about the connection to land and makes a call out to
interested persons to contrivte to the archive, regarding the South
Central Farmers. Go to the killradio dot org website and click on
archives. The show is under Killradio the other side of the news and
under today's date.

Solidarity, Marisa

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