Wednesday, July 25, 2012

UFree Network: Solidarity campaign with Akram Rikhawi succeeded

July 25, 2012 UFree Network 

UFree network said that it managed to conduct a solidarity campaign with 103-day hunger striker prisoner Akram Rikhawi since his hunger strike on 12 April.

Mohammed Hamdan, UFree chairman, said that ending Rikhawi's hunger strike is the result for congregation of efforts inside and outside prisons, which forced the Israeli occupation to refrain its situation and sign an agreement that stipulates on setting Rikhawi free before his release date.

Agreement contents

Israeli Prison Service (IPS) had a meeting with Rikhawi due to his deteriorating health condition. After a prolonged discussion and because of his determination, the occupation agreed on Rikhawi's demand to be released. It also agreed to unite him with his prisoner brother Shadi Rihkawi, who is sentenced for 12 years, at Isheel jail from the beginning of next week.

Rekawi's campaign

The solidarity campaign with Al Rikhawi, which lasted for 103 days, achieved a great success and introduced his case to all public and formal levels. UFree launched a campaign to support Akram  Rikhawi. Through emails and awareness campaigns on social networking websites, UFree managed to reach and contact European members of parliaments, politicians and human rights activists.

Illness and triumph

Hunger striker, Akram Rikhawi, who ended his strike, expressed his thanks and gratitude to those who stood beside him during his long strike. He added, "Without such support, I could not steadfast and force the occupation to refrain its situation".

"I did not start my strike to die or to have a permanent disability. Even when my body began to be feeble and illness surmounted me, I endured this adhering to my people's support as a weapon to strengthen me. That support I experienced led me not to surrender to my illness nor the stubbornness and arrogance of the occupation. All of my people and those who supported me deserve words of promise and faithfulness."  

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