Wednesday, July 25, 2012

FBI and JTTF Raid Multiple Homes, Grand Jury Subpoenas in Portland, Olympia, Seattle

by Will Potter on July 25, 2012 Green is the New Red

As I’ve been reporting on Twitter, there have been multiple homes
raided and grand jury subpoenas issued in Portland, Olympia, and

Three homes were raided in Portland, by approximately 60-80 police
including FBI and Joint Terrorism Task Force. Individuals at the homes
say police used flash grenades during the raid.

Grand jury subpoenas have been served to individuals in all three
cities: 2 in Olympia, 1 in Seattle, and 2 in Portland. The grand jury is
scheduled to convene on August 2nd at the federal courthouse in Seattle.

No arrests have been made. Electronics were confiscated along with
additional personal items.

All legal documents related to the searches and grand jury are sealed,
but based on interviews with residents, and what police told them at the
scene, this is clearly related to the ongoing demonization of anarchists
and the Occupy movement.

I’ll continue updating as this develops; please follow me on Twitter,
will_potter, for the latest.

UPDATE: Here’s local press from the Oregonian:

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