Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Break the Chains Blog Turns Six Years Old

June 30, 2012

Since June 2006 to present day, the Break the Chains Blog has published
over 5,400 stories on government violence and intimidation worldwide. We
gather news from a variety of sources including political prisoners and
the growing social struggle inside prisons. Seeing these stories together
as an archive shows a bigger picture of how a small, well-organized group
of people can dominate billions of people with a combination of threats
and bribes. This archive is a research tool for social movements working
towards human liberation. The aim is to break the chains of repression
with knowledge so history stops repeating itself and humanity can move
past hierarchy as a human relation.

Wherever people resist exploitative and oppressive conditions to free
themselves, government soon arrives to forcefully mange the situation.
Then the corporate or state media purposely misrepresent the facts in the
government’s favor to the people at large, often leaving them confused.
For example, news media will often call protesters violent when unprovoked
police attack people protesting. Governments of the world play this cycle
out repeatedly with aesthetic variations in their brutality. Every
government seems willing to kill, torture and cage humans to retain and
maintain power.

The Break the Chains blog autonomously publishes news from the old Break
the Chains Collective listserve. Currently we have reports coming in from
Russia, Greece, the UK, Australia, Palestine and more. We are always
looking to expand our coverage. Once people clearly see how repression
works then they can overcome it and self-emancipate.

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