Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Doug Wright Begins Hunger Strike

July 10, 2012 Cleveland 5 Justice!

On July 11th the support group received a message from Doug stating that
he began a hunger strike on Saturday (7.7.12). The transcribed message is


The Fascist Pigs here at Trumbull County Jail have thrown me in solitary
confinement for some completely bullshit "charges", including "having 2 or
more books". I never heard that rule, and I've asked for an inmate
handbook on several occasions. Also, "hoarding Personal Hygiene". I
didn't know you could have too much soap, too much being more than one
bar. WTF??! I have sent a letter telling my lawyer of this and I
wantpeople to call him a lot till this injustice is righted! I've also
let him know that I'm going to refuse my food until this is made right!
When I refuse food they will take away phone calls and ability to write
letters, someone thats been in here a while told me this before. So, this
might be my letter for a while, until this is fixed.


Freedom or Death
Down with the Fascist Pigs

Doug Wright

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