Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Cyber-raid against Culmine – Email account violated and copied by state forces (Italy)

March 31, 2012 325 Magazine

Message from counter-info website Culmine via Contra-Info:

Culmine is informing you that in the context of an investigation against
anarchist comrades from Italy, our mail has been violated and copied. So,
we notify that we will no longer use culmine(at)distruzione(dot)org and
that in the next days we are going to decide if and how we’re going to
continue operating the blog

We ask from all individuals and/or groups not to send anything to
Culmine’s e-mail address, which is currently in the hands of the ROS
TECHNICAL INVESTIGATIONS unit of Roma Carabinieri, who are now controlling
with Spytech Spyagent Software[*] all computer traffic we receive.

We would also recommend that all comrades, who got in contact with
Culmine, urgently change their password or even their email account

We will publish the new email at which you can contact Culmine as soon as
we manage to change it. What is more important, with or without
technologies, is to continue our attack filled with rage and hatred!

With the memory of our comrades fallen in battle! A strong and warm hug
for all anarchist hostages in the prisons of the world!

Rebellious greetings
Culmine, March 30th, 2012

There’s a similar message on ParoleArmate’s blog too:
Careful! Due to a police investigation, do not write anymore to us!

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