Saturday, April 28, 2012

HIV-Prisoner Died in April 2012 – Statement From Thomas Meyer-Falk

Willi was born 45 years ago – he died on 10th April 2012.

In 1996, Willi was infected with the HIV-virus through needle sharing in
the use of drugs in prison. Later he escaped, and to get money for
drugs and to finance his life on the road, he carried out some
robberies. Although no-one was ever physically injured.

When he was caught by the police the court convicted him to a long term
sentence, and the judges added the P.D. (preventive detention, a law
from 1933 made by the Nazis, which allows the prisons to keep someone
in prison after finishing their sentence, possibly for the rest of
their life, or at least as long as they believe someone could be a
“threat” to public safety).

In Spring 2011 the prison doctor approved Willi to be released, and to
have the chance to die outside the dungeon – but the merciless
German Judges and Prosecutors did everything that was possible to
foil this plan.

On 14th June 2011 he wrote to the courts, but the judge did
not reply. In November 2011 a lawyer phoned the judge and her first
statement was to moan about her work load. So Willi sent a second
appeal to the court on 9th November 2011. In February 2012
another judge engaged a psychiatrist to give expert advice about the
“dangerousness” of Willi.

The psychiatrist worked really fast and he visited Willi in March three
times and his conclusion was that, “He would be no danger for
public safety”.

On 24th March 2012 Willi woke up in the morning, and his
right arm was paralysed – the prison doctor did not look at his arm
until two days later. He ordered a medical examination by a
neurologist for the middle of April.

So Willi sat the last days of his life in his little cell, not really
knowing where he was, not really realising what was going on. If
there were not some inmates looking out for him, he would have been
alone. But luckily there were some good colleagues who supported him,
held his hand, helped him to smoke a cigarette or drink a coffee.

On Monday 9th April 2012 at lunch time, the officers found
Willi lifeless in his cell. So he was sent immediately to the local
hospital. His Mum was phoned to give her the chance to say goodbye to
her son. Early in the morning of the 10th April 2012 Willi

The totally irresponsible behaviour of the judges and the leader of
Baden-Wuerttemberg (one of the states of Germany), which was asked by
Willi in 2011 to pardon him and give him the chance to die as a free
man, prevented that Willi got the chance, after keeping him in prison
for half of his short life, to spend the last few months or weeks

I knew Willi for five years and wrote all his legal documents, so I
followed his “process to dying” - and it makes me blue and angry.

We should not forget him R.I.P. Willi.
Victim of the German Government and Courts.

Meyer-Falk, c/o JVA
32, D-76646 Bruchsal, Germany 

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