Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Herman Bell denied parole again

New York State Political Prisoner Herman Bell convicted of the 1971
killing of two New York City Police Officers appeared before the
parole board for the fifth time on March 21, 2012. Despite an
unblemished institutional record for nearly 40 years, a viable
release plan and even support for release from the family of one of
the deceased officers, the panel rejected release as "incompatible
with the welfare of society" because it "would deprecate the
seriousness of the offense."

The three-person (two white, one Black) panel consisted of a former
prosecutor, a former police detective and a victims' rights advocate.

Herman is of course disappointed but is otherwise in good
spirits. He plans to appeal the decision. Most importantly, he
thanks all those who supported his release and urges everyone to
support parole release for New York State PPs Jalil Muntaquin and
Robert Seth Hayes both of whom go before the Board in June 2012.

Via Bob Boyle

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