Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Email addresses for correspondence with anarchist prisoners – Eat, Billy & Hidayat (Indonesia)

March 30, 2012 325 Magazine

Now it is possible to write emails to Eat and Billy, members of Long-Live
Luciano Tortuga Cell – IRF/FAI, and also to Hidayat (AKA Yaya). Their
friends/comrades will print them out and show them the messages of
solidarity. Communication is vital to break the isolation of prison. Also
reaching us at this time is the news that Hidayat is out of the isolation

Eat and Billy have taken responsibility for the destruction of an ATM bank
in Yogyakarta as an international solidarity action for Luciano Tortuga.
They are both presently being dragged through the courts in a long trial
process. You can email both of them here: blackhammer(at)

Hidayat is a social combatant and anarchist who is accused of attacking a
police outpost during a mass riot against brutal police repression which
left several people dead, after people had occupied and blocked Sape port
(Bima), to protest the prescence of a hated mining company in the area.
You can email him here: swatantra(at)

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