Monday, April 09, 2012

Pack the Court: Tarek Mehanna's Sentencing this Thursday, April 12th!

**Time change alert: Sentencing has been pushed up to 10am**

WHEN: This Thursday, April 12th, 2012 at 10am
WHERE: Moakley Federal Courthouse
1 Courthouse Way, Boston, MA

On Thursday, April 12, 2012 at 10am, Tarek
Mehanna will be sentenced at the Moakley
Courthouse in Boston. His supporters have
repeatedly packed the courthouse to show that we
stand with him, and he has requested that we do
it again! Tarek, convicted on terrorism-related
charges on December 20th, 2011, is facing a life
sentence. This hearing will be our final chance
to show the judge how much support Tarek has from
the broader community and demand a lenient sentence.

This day is especially important because Tarek
will speak at the hearing! This will be the only
time Tarek has given a public statement in the
courtroom. We hope that you will be able to be
present for this undoubtedly powerful testimony!
Following this hearing, Tarek will be moved to a
federal prison outside of Massachussetts. It will
be the last time for a long while that Tarek will
get a chance to see all of us, and for us to see
him. We ask that you join us in our strongest display of support yet!

**Important court reminders**
-A photo ID will be required to get into the
courthouse. Please bring a second form of ID,
such as a bank card or something with your name on it, if possible.
-All electronics including cell phones and
cameras will be held at the front desk by
courthouse officials or should be kept in your car.
-BE THERE EARLY, by 9:00am seats will fill up fast! .

Thank you for your continued support,
The Tarek Mehanna Support Committee

Boston, MA.
Monday, April 9, 2012
Contact: Rev. Jason Lydon
617-519-4387 |

Hundreds Expected at Sentencing of Dr. Tarek Mehanna

Landmark case mobilizes civil liberties and Muslim groups nationwide

RESIDENT TAREK MEHANNA will be sentenced for
providing "material support" to a terrorist
organization, ending the first chapter of the
most high-profile and contentious
terrorism-related cases in recent memory. The
hearing will begin at 10am at the Moakley Federal
Courthouse in Boston. Dr. Mehanna, himself, will
be giving a testimony in court. After the
sentencing, the Tarek Mehanna Support Committee
will give a statement to the media. Dr. Mehanna's
lawyers are expected to appeal the conviction.
The hearing will begin at 10am at the Moakley Federal Courthouse in Boston.

The conduct of Mehanna's trial last year drew
wide spread criticism, including from Amnesty
International and the American Civil Liberties
Union, for heavily relying on factually and
legally questionable evidence. This evidence
included material acquired during a secret "sneak
and peak" entrance into the Mehanna home while
they were on vacation, thumbnail images taken
from the cache of a shared computer, and
testimony from informants who received
undisclosed clemency deals, admitted to being
liars, and whose testimony in trial directly
contradicted their testimony in the Grand Jury.

Tamer Mehanna, Dr. Mehanna's brother and a key
member of his support committee, drew attention
to the continuing solitary confinement of Dr.
Mehanna. "How can the Muslim community trust a
government which places people for years in
solitary confinement even before they get to
trial?" he asked. "Such measures are used to
break people and make them take any deal the
government offers. But my brother was not
broken." Dr. Mehanna, who has already served 2.5
years in pre-trial solitary confinement, faces possible life in prison.

His conviction in December of last year was a
shock for many communities, especially civil
liberties organizations and Muslim groups in the
United States. The outrage that the trial
generated in these communities has united into a
broad coalition of activists intent on bringing
to light the prejudicial and unfair nature of
domestic terror trials and the role the FBI plays
as instigators. In February, the coalition
organized a large rally attended by anti-war
groups, Muslim and South Asian communities, and
civil liberties organizations, where they read
out a letter from Dr. Mehanna and vowed to expand
and continue the campaign. Supporters have
continued to be active in recent months,
collecting petition signatures, writing character
letters to the judge and the US Attorney in an
attempt to generate community pressure for a fair
sentence. On Thursday, several hundred supporters
are expected to pack the courtroom for Dr. Mehanna's sentencing.

For Laila Murad, a coordinator of the coalition,
the sentencing is just the beginning of what she
sees as a long-term campaign. "We are not done
here. This case is important not just for Dr.
Mehanna and his family, but for the protection of
the rights of all of us. It would be
irresponsible of us to stop now. Motions to
appeal are in the works, but we will keep
fighting on the ground for as long as it takes."

Murad also believes this case has damaged the
already tenuous relationship with law
enforcement: "The key message that comes out of
Tarek Mehanna's case is that the US Muslim
community cannot trust the FBI. His conviction
has been a huge wake-up call to those in the
Muslim community who still believe in the
benevolence of the FBI. We can see that, far from
building "community relations," the FBI and the
US Attorney's office is actively conspiring to
silence and brutalize prominent Muslim leaders,
making examples out of them." The coalition also
plans to create links between support groups of
various other FBI entrapment victims to develop a
broader agenda to protect civil liberties and
denounce the targeting of Muslims.

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