Saturday, March 31, 2012

Jalil Muntaqim is out of the box

Jalil Muntaqim received a visit today and he was in general
population. He didn't know the specifics but was told that the
charges against him were dropped and expunged from his record. He
thanks everyone for the support!

He is on regular visiting now, he was in good spirits looking ahead
to his parole date.

Jalil's Attica cell had been raided on Thursday, January 5th. When
Jalil asked why his cell was being searched, he was told it was
because "something happened in California." The COs confiscated
pictures of the memorials for BPP members Cetewayo (Michael Tabor)
and Mark Smith "Smitty" of New Jersey. Jalil received a Tier 3 ticket
for possession of these photos from an "unauthorized organization"
(the Black Panther Party presumably). Of course, these photos had
been sent to him by mail and had been approved by the prison mail room.

Jalil's cell has been turned over five times in the last months. He
had been given a 6-month SHU sentence.

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